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The winter heat wave in February 2020, followed by the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to COVID 19 lock-down, a new drought and several hot days during last summer, and a new period of near-universal lock-down during the winter of 2021 are unpredictable and historically unprecedented events that affect the atmospheric greenhouse gas budget.

They highlight the critical importance of accurate, distributed, real-time measurements of the surface carbon cycle. The ICOS France research infrastructure, its laboratories and data processing centres, and the network of stations it deploys in the atmosphere, ocean surface waters, and on major types of continental ecosystems, responds well to this challenge today.

The scientific days organized in Reims from October 12th to 14th 2021 will present the latest research developed by ICOS France, new sensors under development or already in use, major projects under development on urbanized ecosystems, the most recent data on the carbon cycle and on the impacts of rare events. They will be sponsored by several international speakers who will shed light on the latest report of the I.G.I.E.C. working group (Valérie Masson, co-chair of Working Group I), methods for determining surface fluxes (Frédéric Chevallier, L.S.C.E.), carbon in surface waters from source to ocean (Richard Sanders, head of the ICOS Ocean thematic center), or the coupling of the carbon and nitrogen cycles (Mark Sutton, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).

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