Photo report - Barbeau forest station.

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It is in the heart of the forest of Barbeau, in Seine-et-Marne, that a team of scientists from the ESE laboratory has installed for several years a pylon 35 m high, equipped with sensors that allow the exchange of matter (CO2, H2O) and energy between the forest ecosystem and the atmosphere. These sensors also make it possible to observe the state of forest health in a context of climate change.

 Forest of Barbeau, in Seine-et-Marne, seen from a pylon 35 m high.
Cyril FRESILLON / ESE / ICOS / CNRS Photothèque
 Electrical cabinet at the top of a 35 m pylon allowing automatic measurements, located in the national forest of Barbeau in Seine-et-Marne
Cyril FRESILLON / ESE / ICOS / CNRS Photothèque


Cyril Fresillon, photographer at the CNRS, did a very nice work of photography on the site, during the fall of 2020.


All photos can be viewed  here.

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