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The global emissions of greenhouse gases by human activities have been accelerating continuously since the industrial revolution, making the atmospheric concentration in CO2 exceeding 400ppm in 2017. Maintaining the elevation of the global mean temperature below +2°C, as the parties of the Paris conference commit themselves, implies a reduction in anthropogenic  greenhouse gases emissions by 40 to 70%. An accurate monitoring of the greenhouse gas balance at the global level is urgently needed in order to measure and verify the impacts of policy reduction on the earth climate system.

The ICOS Research Infrastructure is the result of a coordinated action of the scientific community to face this challenge. ICOS includes monitoring networks of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, oceans and continents, more specifically the carbon dioxide (ecosystems, fossil fuels, cement industry), methane (cattle, natural gas, agriculture) and nitrous oxide (agriculture, fossil fuels, fires).

ICOS includes more than 500 scientists from 17 European countries: it is a key component of the European Roadmap of Research infrastructure and a Super Large Research Instrument (Très Grand Instrument de Recherche – TGIR) of the French national research agenda.


Spain joins the ICOS network !!

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It is official, Spain has announced its intention to join ICOS, and will propose in 2020 a contribution including 2 Ecosystem stations, 2 Ocean stations and 4 Atmosphere stations.





28th session of ERCA in Grenoble from January 12th, 2020 to February 8th 2020

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The 28th session of ERCA (European Research Course on Atmospheres) that will take place in Grenoble (& at the astronomical Observatory of Haute-Provence) from January 12th, 2020 to February 8th.
ERCA is intended for students enrolled in PhD programs, young scientists and engineers from universities and public/private research institutes wishing to complete their formation with a broad research course related to Atmosphere, Climate and Climate change studies.


ERCA is intended as a multidisciplinary course, centered on atmosphere and climate, yet extending clearly out of this scope to the social aspects of global change, to space weather, to hydrology and oceanography, to environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry.
The practical activities (at OHP and in Grenoble) centered on atmospheric observations and data analysis (python based) make up a third of the program, bridging the gap from individual measurement techniques to observation networks to data usage
One fifth of the time is devoted to a strong collective project letting you work on a collaborative research proposal.

A limited number of student assistantships will be available in particular for students from emerging countries

Please forward this announcement to doctorate students around you.

Information & registration at http://erca-school.eu

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